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Premises Liability

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Imagine that you’re hosting a party at your home with several friends and acquaintances from work. Unexpectedly, someone trips while walking down the stairs of your deck. The next thing you know, you’re facing a lawsuit claiming that you’re responsible and should pay. In this type of situation, it’s urgent to contact a premises liability law professional right away.

Premises Liability in Kalamazoo, MI

In Michigan, premises liability law covers damages or injuries that happen on an owner’s property. This can include private homes and business locations across Kalamazoo. There are many types of accidents or injuries that can happen:

  • Slips and falls
  • Animal bites
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • Injuries from falling equipment/objects
  • Criminal attacks
  • Burns
  • Cuts

If you are the person being sued, you may be accused of negligence in caring for your property. For example, the other individual may claim that they slipped because your deck was in poor condition. Having an attorney with expertise in premises liability law is essential for defending yourself and your reputation.

Help with Personal Property Accidents

What if you’re the person who was injured due to a dangerous situation? For example, perhaps you were shopping in a home improvement store in Kalamazoo, and defective shelving caused heavy tools to fall on you. You’re obviously entitled to compensation, but first, you have to prove negligence. Having an experienced lawyer by your side is important.

The Importance of Contacting a Premises Liability Attorney

Working with an attorney for premises liability law provides important advantages. These benefits apply whether you’re the one being sued or the injured party:

  • Medical costs: Accidents caused by negligence can have unintended consequences that leave you hurting for a long time. By successfully pursuing a premises liability law case, you can get the money needed to cover medical treatment.
  • Peace of mind: If you’ve been sued, it’s normal to feel panic. After all, you don’t know what the next step is. That’s where we come in. We put your mind at ease and explain everything.
  • Financial safety: Having to pay in a premises liability law case can be very costly for homeowners and business owners. We fight for your interests with everything we’ve got.

Filing a premises liability case is complicated in Michigan, and details matter. Fortunately, our team takes care of everything for you.

Experts in Premises Liability Law in Michigan

At Keilen Law PLC, we have extensive experience with cases of premises liability law in Kalamazoo, MI. We’ve helped countless victims of injuries due to negligence at homes or businesses. Our goal is to help you get the compensation that you or a younger family member deserve.

What if you’ve been accused unfairly of causing an accident that wasn’t your fault? Our expertise in all kinds of personal property accidents can make a huge difference. We’ve won countless cases in defense of homeowners and everyday moms and dads doing their best to care for their families.

Contact us right away to learn more about premises liability law. You can also reach our Kalamazoo office by calling (269) 382-4818.


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